Romper wants to read my picture book!

What a lovely surprise it was to see my forthcoming picture book illustrated by Jessica Lanan, A Kid of Their Own, on this list of anticipated children’s book titles for 2020 over at They write,

A very important childhood lesson is learning how to say you’re sorry, and¬†A Kid of Their Own¬†teaches this lesson in a humorous way through the story of Clyde the rooster at Sunrise Farm. When Fran the goat has a “hyperactive kid” and Clyde is no longer the center of attention, he tries to wake up the kid at all hours with his constant crowing. That is, until the other animals have enough. Jealousy, acceptance, and apologies are definitely important life lessons.

Honestly? Even thought this will be my fourth book published, I am still getting used to thinking of myself as an author. Thanks for helping me with that, Romper!

See the full list here (Kid is in some very good company!)

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