Horn Book Cover Reveal for Book Bonding with art by Mia Saine

Ta-DA! Isn’t the cover art by Mia Saine for my new essay collection wonderful? I’m so grateful to the Horn Book for hosting the official cover reveal on their site, and I so look forward to sharing this book with readers when it publishes on April 18, 2023. You can preorder copies at this link. 

The interior art that Mia created is also wonderful, with great little chapter-start vignettes and big, vibrant scenes starting each of the four parts of the book. And, their art also pairs so nicely with the cover art Laura Vaccaro Seeger did for Reading Picture Books with Children, don’t you think?



A third family history blog post

I’ve written a third post in the series inspired by heirlooms and objects related to family history. This one is in honor of my paternal grandmother. My notebook is filling up with ideas for future posts, and I am feeling more certain that this will be my next book. I even have a working title Notes from a Sentimental Archivist, with thanks to my Aunt Rita for giving me the idea in a note she enclosed with some quilts she mended for me.


More New Writing at Modern Memoirs

I recently decided that I am writing a new book focused on my family history. This is one I will publish through my company, Modern Memoirs, Inc., and it will be made up of pieces that I am first posting to our company blog as I draw inspiration from heirlooms and objects related to my family history that I keep in my office. Here’s a link to the second piece I’ve written, which has a children’s literature connection since I write about Anne of Green Gables: Evangeline and Anne, L’Acadie and Me.


Some New Writing at Modern Memoirs


My desk at Modern Memoirs, with the eight fabric angels my aunt Rita Lavallee made from placemats and napkins stitched by my great-grandmother Anastasie “Tazzy” Raymond Lambert

While I’m guilty of neglecting this blog, my staff and I have been working to revive the blog at Modern Memoirs. Here’s a link to a post I recently wrote there, Watching Over Angels: On Learning the Eight Surnames of One’s Great Grandparents. Writing it reminded me just how much I love writing, which I’ve had little time to do lately. I do have a running list of writing ideas in my notebook, and maybe I will find the time to change some of those ideas into more posts, or stories, or poems, or essays, or books. Stay tuned…