On May 18 a podcast I recorded with Gabriela Pereira was posted on DIYMFA. I am so pleased with how it came out, and I hope you’ll take a moment (well, about 45 minutes, really) to have a listen. Take a look at the great graphic Gabriela made from something I said at the end of our conversation:


Just a few days before this aired, I recorded another podcast with Roger Sutton and Siân Gaetano at the Horn Book, and that will air on May 31. I really enjoyed talking with them and hope to return to do more episodes in the future–and not just because I want her to sort me (see below). We mostly talked about the Whole Book Approach and Reading Picture Books with Children, but I also got to celebrate the release of Real Sisters Pretend, and we touched on my first Embrace Race piece and how it blew UP. The recording time flew by, and  I kept thinking of things I meant to say after the fact. I guess that’s better than thinking of things I regretted saying.

As you wait with bated breath for my episode, check out the others. Here are some of my favorites so far:

#1.2 when Siân sorts Roger into his Hogwarts house. (I totally forgot to have her do that for me!)

#1.4 and #1.45 with my friend and illustrator of A Crow of His OwnDavid Hyde Costello

#1.7 with guest Hannah Gómez, a Horn Book reviewer, staff member of We Need Diverse Books, and a former student of mine at Simmons

#1.8 with guest Mackenzi Lee, Charlesbridge staffer, bookseller, author, and also a former Simmons student of mine.

And tune in on Monday 5/24 when my friend, former Simmons classmate, and current Editor of Children’s and YA Reviews at Kirkus Reviews, the brilliant Vicky Smith, will be the guest . She will be talking about, among other things, her editorial Unmaking the White Default, in which she writes,

“It’s a little word but a potent one.

About six or seven months ago, Kirkus started identifying characters in children’s and teen books by identity and/or race—all the time. And it hasn’t been easy.”

I can hardly wait to listen to her conversation with Roger and Siân.

Finally, make sure to check out the very thorough link lists that Siân posts on every episode–so helpful!


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