Picture Book Month Daily Whole Book Approach Tweets

UPDATE DECEMBER 2022: I have deactivated my Twitter account. I will try to update this site with resources covered in this tweet series from 2016, but for now the links do not work, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Novembstacks of picture bookser 2016 is Picture Book Month, and over on Twitter I am drawing upon the Whole Book Approach to tweet about picture book art and design. I’ll feature new picture books each day that make the most of design and production elements including: trim size and orientation; jackets and cases; endpapers; front & back matter, typography; and page design elements such as framing, pageturners, and the gutter. Follow along and enjoy!

I will make a blog post with the list of books I tweet about at the end of the month, and if you have any titles you’d especially like me to feature, drop me a line. For now, I will regularly update this blog post with links to the threads I am creating:

November 1: Trim Size

November 2: Landscape Orientation

November 3: Portrait Orientation and part 2 (I goofed up the thread) is here

November 4: Square Orientation

November 5 Shaped Books

November 6 Orientation Disorientation (or picture books that need to be flipped during a reading)

November 7 Jacket Art I single image jackets

November 8 Jacket Art II dual image jackets

November 9 Jacket Art III wraparound art

November 10 Case Covers (including a nod to The Undies)

November 11 Jacket Interiors

November 12 My Whole Book Approach Book’s Design

November 13 Endpapers I

November 14 Endpapers II

November 15 Endpapers III

November 16 Front Matter

November 17 Back Matter

November 18 Page Layout I frames & bleeds

November 19 Page Layout II verso/recto

November 20 Diversity Audit Update

(I’ve started working on a diversity audit and will post data soon. For now: here are all 375 books included in my #WholeBookApproach #PictureBookMonth 2017 tweet threads. Please excuse any errors or typos and enjoy!)

November 21 Page Layout III Gutter Talk

November 22 Final page-turns

November 23 Verbal and Visual Page-turners

November 24 Gatefolds & Flaps

November 25 Mock Caldecott Post

November 26 Typography

November 27 Wordless Picture Books

November 28 Bookness/Materiality/Physicality, or Long Live the Codex Picture Book

November 29 Picture Book Texts

November 30 Storified #WholeBookApproach twitter chat for the last day of #PictureBookMonth

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