Jones Library Author Interview Series

Many thanks to my local public library for hosting an interview with me yesterday. It was great to talk with the head of the Children’s Department, Mia Cabana. Although I did talk a little bit about my newest book, A Kid of Their Own, I also used the opportunity to highlight books I’m finding especially valuable during this time of the pandemic and amidst the protests happening after the killing of George Floyd, including the invaluable work of my friends at Embrace Race. The interview is linked below, and most of the resources and books I mention are linked in the comments. Let me know if there’s something missing.

One thing I noticed that I missed is a mention of OurShelves! I meant to say something about my work with them at the beginning when I was talking about the importance of including diverse family constellations in children’s books. I’ve since added that mention to the comments and hope people will check out their work.


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