“Holy Hairballs!” Jbrary Loves My Book

Hello readers! Take a peek at Lindsey Krabbenhoft’s lovely, enthusiastic response (opening with the exclamation “Holy hairballs!”) to Reading Picture Books with Children. I am so grateful that my book resonated with you, Lindsey, and I really appreciate these words from your review:

“I think one of the reasons Megan’s approach hit home for me is that she respects kids.  Plain and simple.  The focus of her storytimes aren’t the songs, rhymes, or books – it’s the kids who attend them and their ideas, opinions, and observations.”

As always, I am eager to hear from anyone who reads my book and wants to share storytime anecdotes about using the Whole Book Approach. reading at the carle baby bear
Chime in with comments, shoot me an email, post on Facebook, or send me a tweet. And, happy reading!


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