Thanks Jules!

Many thanks to Julie Danielson for the wonderful piece she posted about Reading Picture Books with Children  over at Kirkus Reviews today. I’ve followed her work on the Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast blog for many years, so it was especially thrilling to have her respond so enthusiastically to the Whole Book Approach and my book. Here’s a quote from me that she cites from the piece on her blog:

We create art and share art, because it helps us express visions of ourselves, our values, our history, or hopes. I resist any notion that this communication must be a one-way street, given from adults on high to children below; as children encounter picture books and their stories and art, I want to empower them to critically engage with the ideas, ideologies, and representations that text and art communicate and to delight in how sharing books and talking about them can foster their own thinking and creativity.”


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